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"You'll D&D your pants."

Vicious Mockery is: Max Saunders, Andrew Colella, Biggles Bagels, and Adam Metropolis.  Vicious Mockery is a gang, a clique, a posse, a syndicate.

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Credits: Dungeon Mastery & NPCs by Max Saunders. All music from episodes 1-31 composed and recorded by Adam Metropolis. Players: Andrew Colella (Rolen, Tordek, Theren), Adam Metropolis (Calvinis, Enile, Nirozi), Biggles Bagels (Jeff, Nix, Thorin). Editing / SFX and music insertion by Adam Metropolis ( ). Intro song vocals by Aisha Ricketts ( ). Podcast art by Scribbles Studio (

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Aug 16, 2018

Thorough review of the plot thus far; analysis and clarification of each character's motivations.
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twitter: @vicious_mockery

Aug 3, 2018

How should a DM react when players start to lose interest in the campaign?

Jul 9, 2018

You're afraid of the claw!

Jun 22, 2018

Conspiracies abound!

Jun 12, 2018

Our heroes battle with an old friend.
instagram: viciousmockerypodcast
twitter: vicious_mockery